Stang Stories is a platform designed to connect Milton students and alumni.

Stang Stories is dedicated to establishing a greater connection between Milton students and alumni. Our mission is to share the stories, experiences, and advice of those who came before us as a source of learning, mentorship, and inspiration for the broader Milton community. From the ruins of Fallujah to the walls of Boston City Hall to the neighborhoods of St. Paul, Stang Stories offers the Milton community unique insight into the wide-ranging paths and accomplishments of Milton alumni.

Our journey began in the fall of 2019 when Teddy Ellis ’22 saw an opportunity to create a project that would allow Milton students to hear directly from alumni about their high school experiences and paths thereafter. With the help of Matthew Fishbein and Jim Kernohan, Ellis has expanded this project into a club at Milton with the hope of involving more students, ramping up production, and making the organization one that can connect students and alumni for years to come.

Our Team:


Matthew Fishbein

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Diane Asiedu

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Nancy Jiang

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Cooper Love

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Aoidin Salmon


Teddy Ellis

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Cailey Brousseau

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Liam Kralik

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Katia Mikhailova


Jim Kernohan

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Sam Buonato

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Henry Ladd

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Elodie Root

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Bryan Sukidi